Friday, February 11


man, Dune II was awesome. It was The Best Game Ever. No RTS was better than it until, like, Starcraft. (except maybe C&C, but C&C was only really Dune II with a different suit on.)

And it accurately leveraged, and extended, a world that's Totally Great in a number of important ways. At least one of which is that it has these sarlacc-looking sandworm things that pwn j00 like a mofaka if you run your tanks over the sand instead of on safe rocks. And you know when these worms are coming because of Wormsign.

Which, if you have *any* idea what I'm talking about, should strike you as a fantastic name for a blog about The Future. Too bad this isn't it! Also, I wonder if is taken...


Anonymous said...

Dune II was awesome.

I heartily disagree about C&C (The Original) being Dune II with a suit. It introduced a slew of new RTS concepts, and was again revolutionary.
It was Also Awesome.

And then yes, the Next Big One (for me anyway) was SC. I don't know why, but WCII/III didn't do much for me. WCI was good, but not revolutionary.

Ground Control 1 and BattleZone 2 also did big things for the RTS line.

The most recent step was -- DoW. It's like a triple expresso time compressed pill of awesome that takes only twenty minutes.


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