Sunday, February 6

I hate losing

Yup, I really do. It's horrible.

The only way I can really tolerate losing is when I have a ready-made excuse. Like I was playing against a computer, and the computer's cheating, or something like that. Or I know the odds are stacked against me in a game of chance or something.

But losing because of being outmatched? HATE IT. Makes my blood boil. I have to go hit things when I lose because of being outmatched. It doesn't even really matter why it happened -- or if there are good reasons, like The Asshole Who Beat Me having 10 years of experience at the game to my 5 minutes or something like that. Losing is humiliating. It demonstrates, in a conclusive way, some fasion in which I am inferior to the person that beats me, and that's an ego blow I've shielded myself from for a long time. OH HEY HERE'S A GOOD IDEA LET'S TELL THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD ABOUT IT.

...and here's the part where you stop reading, because it's just Fraxas feeling sorry for himself.


Anonymous said...


I can relate to hating losing. I hope it's nothing major like money. =/

It's an old phrase, but pick your battles. That's probably the definition of the phrase "Fight to Win." It's not fighting harder or faster or meaner. Just where you can win. Probably why people are so afraid of small posionous insects. They know they can't fight you face to face, so they strike and hide and disappear and then LEAP OUT ONTO YOUR FACE. FUCK I hate spiders.

Will an elephant gore you in a fist fight? Every goddamn time. So don't fight it with your fists. Or if you have to fight with your fists, go clock some rabbit that will never see it coming.

Anyway. Interesting blog. If I'd spelled the makers of Civ III right the first time I might have missed it. Lifes funny that way.

Fraxas said...

haw. no, it was nothing like money. Just a computer game, actually.

Thanks for the praise on the blog -- funny how these things happen. I actually chose the name "Fraxas" only because you can type it on one hand. Like Serrated. Or Sweet.

So you really misthought "firaxis" as "fraxas", and that's what brought you here? cool.

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