Tuesday, February 8

Life Lessons From Coworkers

So I'm on the phone right now with a co-worker who is "taking me under his wing". It's a little embarrassing; he's telling me about how to achieve my dreams and what to think about and all that kinda stuff.

I think this stems from a semi-private discussion I had with my boss yesterday about a third co-worker who's leaving soon -- I threatened to quit, and demonstrated some rather poor office-politicking skills. So now the guy I'm on the phone with has been tasked by our boss to make me feel better about myself.

Also, there's an anonymous comment on the blog! holy crap! I guess it's One Of Those Moments when you realize that, in fact, you are publishing these things to the public internet and not just to 3 or 4 friends.

Did I have a point? I don't think so. but Angus doesn't think I need one, so there.

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