Tuesday, February 1

The dearth of originality

Okay. We all know how totally bankrupt Hollywood is. We already know that they cannibilize each other's ideas to the point that each hackneyed, trite movie concept resembles everything else.

Now, here's a concept that defines "hackneyed:" A covert war is happening between humans and vampires. Our race's only hope is a dark anti-hero, someone who is half human, half vampire. whose side will win?

Here's what I need you to do. (Warning: bandwidth intensive. ) Go here and watch the trailer for the movie Blade II. Pay attention to the dialogue about halfway through. Now click here and watch the trailer for the movie Bloodrayne.

If you're not in the mood to wait for these downloads, I don't blame you. You can swipe the invisitext below to spoil the surprise:

( In the trailer for Blade II, Wesley Snipes says "Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies... Closer." In Bloodrayne, some talentless hack says "Keep your freinds close... enemies even closer." I mean, wtf. )

Seriously. It's bad enough that two movies would have such ridiculously simplistic, trite concepts; but the dialogue is the same -- not only in the movie but in the trailers!

I think the Penny-Arcade boys said it best.

Watch this space for a similar post about the blatant ripoffery in popular music! Bet you can't wait.

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