Wednesday, February 23


comments on Dave Rickey's piece about item farming.

And he says things that are Angus-like in clarity.

It was specifically the part about having-is-fun-not-getting that really made me want to cheer -- it's good to know that there are at least some people in the MMO industry that haven't drunk Raph Koster's fucked-up Bartle-reading "achievment=time" kool-aid. Sing it, Jeff! GIVE ME THE SHINY so I can have fun with it, rather than forcing me to work for it! Ignore the catasses! Thumb your nose at the received truth of MMO design!

I promise I won't abuse my toys if you just give them to me. I also promise that they won't be worthless to me because I didn't camp the rare frog for 30 hours to get them, either.

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