Thursday, May 5


This is hilarious. I can imagine a future where the EastAsian continent empties of people, and then, 3.1 miles away North America's shoreline, a living nest of rafts and ships provides all our labour needs.

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Two San Diego entrepreneurs have come up with a very literal twist on offshoring software development jobs. This pair wants to get their hands on a 600-cabin cruise ship and park it off the coast of El Segundo, Calif., just over the 3-mile border that marks international waters. They'll pack the boat with engineers who will write code day and night.

The two founders of SeaCode, David Cook and Roger Green, are confident their plan will float. All they need to do is classify their workers as "seamen," so that they're protected by international maritime laws that skirt the need for those pesky immigration visas.

Get a load of these quotes:

"We're not a slave ship," says Cook. Adds Green, "It's like the International Space Station."

"Try to get American software engineers to work at night," says Cook.

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