Thursday, May 19

Metareview: double whammy

The best review is a bad review.

Let me explain. As opposed to my colleague, who has lately been writing thought-provoking posts that have substance, I tend to enjoy commenting on Pop Culture. In particular, I derive pleasure from pointing out how crappy, absurd, and intellecutally bankrupt it is. When I see another reviewer do the same, it fills my spite-ridden heart with hope.

I have two reviews to recommend today.

The first is for the new Nine Inch Nails album, With Teeth.

The second is the Salon Review of "The Amityville Horror." I will excerpt the part that captures the way I feel about almost all works of pop culture. If only more reviews contained such golden nuggets of truth.
I wasn't shocked by "The Amityville Horror," or outraged by it: I felt nothing but disdain. As a symbol of what some filmmakers and some studios think the public will buy, it's a horrific piece of work. How dare anyone put this piece of crap in front of me. How dare anyone put it in front of you.

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