Wednesday, May 4

Imperious bloggers

No links this time, though I desperately want to tell who exactly who I'm dissing here. Anyway.

Sometimes I come across a blog that Just Sounds Wrong. I don't mean content wise (though there are plenty of Wrong-content blogs out there!) but rather in tone. Today, I was linkjumping randomly around some of the blogs I read, and happened across one that combined a number of my interests. I started reading. I started getting uncomfortable, without really knowing why. But after thinking about it for a bit, I know now: I was being talked down to. Nobody likes that.

This particular man's writing had the tone of pronouncements from the mount, complete with putdowns to the anonymous commenters on some posts. It's a shame, really; I bet he's not like that in person. Then again, STDU probably has the same problem.

On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog. But everyone thinks you're an asshole.


Jeff Freeman said...

Was it me? I hope it wasn't me.

Fraxas said...

No, it wasn't you, Jeff. you don't put down anonymous commenters on your articles, do you?