Wednesday, September 7

Penny Arcade tackles the pernicious problem of mental illness

Chances are that if you're reading this blog, you already read PA. On the off chance you don't, check this one out. It almost feels more like For Better Or For Worse rather than PA... based on the creators' lives, tackling a real problem in a (slightly) humourous way. (Obvious differences include the much-superior art and the anthropomorphized, obscene fruit jucier.)

I wonder if it's a realistic take on anxiety.


Pharaohmagnetic said...

It's an great comic, and it makes interesting use of the Scrolling Web-Browser as presentation medium. Scott McCloud would be proud, especially considering that the boys have made fun of him before.

Anonymous said...

It is kind of like that. It's accurate in the way that the train of thought seems so bizarre - it is perfectly reasonable to us, but everyone else knows it doesn't make sense.

Fraxas said...


And really, it's not that the train of thought doesn't make sense -- it's a perfectly reasonable train of thought based on premises most of us wouldn't share.

It's a little like I was saying in June -- crazy is not sharing context.