Tuesday, September 6

The Inevitable Panopticon

Paul Graham: Log Everything you can break the wealth->power link, thereby allowing you to reduce economic inequality without becoming a police state.

Charlie Stross: Log Everything and you become a police state.

Fraxas: Time to invest in easy, strong encryption, steganography, and a culture of plausible deniability.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I tried. I skimmed through the whole page in an atempt to find perhaps and insightfull, relevent comment to who I am. Maybe even a tidbit of wisdom from someone I look up to, but alas, I just can't seem to get interested, no, understand what exactly most of these posts actually relate to. Well, I'm going to check out some 4x4s on the web and maybe watch some video of a freind's dune buggy doing a burn-out. Peace!