Monday, September 19


I'm a little late getting this on STDU, but late is better than never -- so here's a link to babylona. As her title text on the sidebar says, she's an MMO economics theoretician. Yup, that's right -- her blog consists mostly of thoughts on the intersection of obsessive gaming nerdery and theories of value creation and distribution. Right up my alley.

I haven't read more than the first few articles, but the ones I have read seem to have their heads on their shoulders, so to speak. Although the pseudo-academic tone is making me rethink my own writing style -- I think I have more in common with her than I want to, and her long sentences make my brain hurt a little. Note to self, then: shorter sentences.

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babylona said...

Yowza. Thanks awfully for the compliments. I'm afraid, however, that there's no curtailing my sentences; I've tried, but without extensive and time-consuming editing (probably by someone other than myself), I'm pretty sure my sentences will maintain their death grip on their Faulknerian dimensions.

Call it a character flaw :)