Thursday, September 1

On Online Debate

Charlie Stross speaks on the nature of online discourse:

It is there, as an arm or an agent of the mean lean peeve machine, that you will find fulfillment and bliss, your true purpose in life: as a mindless component of a destructive dialogue generator that engages in blistering and merciless repression of all dissident opinions.
--Charlie Stross,
A 1996 counter-rant on the suppression of dissent on Usenet

Edit: Atlas followed this post up over IM, and the following conversation occurred:

Atlas: I stay off forums
Fraxas: unwilling to be drawn into the howling maelstrom?
Atlas: Yes.
Fraxas: I consider myself a net contributor.
Atlas: I believe that to be true of you
Fraxas: I keep most of my bad mood to IMs between you and me and Dan and me.
Atlas: That is very contained
Atlas: Like a little jar of rage
Fraxas: I prefer to think of it as a magnetic-flux container for high-energy plasma.
Fraxas: burning hot, extremely unstable, requires huge amounts of energy to maintain, deadly in medium proximity, controllable by modulated EM.
Fraxas: hold on wait that's coffee breath

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