Thursday, April 21

Fashion SWAT!

Something Awful is on my list of daily reads. I don't often read the full front page, though it occasionally amuses; what draws me back time after time, though, is the promise of a Feature Article that's actually laugh-out-loud funny. As I think back, the articles reach good-syndicated-cartoon levels of humour every time and actual laugh-out-loud funny probably twice a month. Pretty good ratios, for a free website. Of course, they run some pretty bad ads, and some of the articles are not work safe, but at least the front page is.


One author in particular amuses me greatly every time he shows up, and that's Dr. David Thorpe. (Note: Doctor Thorpe may not be a real doctor.) He's one of the contributors to the always-funny Fashion SWAT articles, the fourth of which appeared today. They're great.

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