Thursday, December 4

One Track Mind: Transdermal Celebration

Track title: Transdermal Celebration
Artist: Ween
Album: Quebec

It is prudent to interpret the hipster-speak phrase "such-and-such are a band's band" as a warning that their music is inaccessible and impossible to appreciate from any rational perspective. Common examples: Radiohead, the Pixies. I love those bands, but let's not "Kid A" ourselves.

Ween is a band's band's band. They hop from one musical genre to another, all the while squirting virtuoso pieces of anti-serious songwriting, seltzer-like, into the clown-face of pop-culture. Once in a while, they record a straight-out pop-song that shows the world how easy it should be.

This video powerfully demonstrates that cartoons can be terrifying and poignant. Watch it when you have three and a half minutes to spare.


Fraxas said...

a band's band's band, eh? well, MY favourite band's a band's band's band's band! And sometimes, a listener's band's band's listener's band's performer's band!

Pharaohmagnetic said...

ohmigod that band sounds awesome.

Fraxas said...

also: that's a good video, but I hate the aliens in it. it is Not Cool to parasitize another species, let alone parasitizing their young. that was an act of war, and if there were people who survived the attack I would sure as heck hope they were busy building spaceships to use to exterminate - yes, exterminate - the little cute white fuzzy guys.

Pharaohmagnetic said...

I'm assuming that the visceral nature of your reaction comes from your recently acquired status as a father. Trust me; I reacted the same way when the guy's toddler son develops roots and mutates into a tree. As I said, the fact that the video is a cartoon makes it no less powerful. In fact, there's another video that would complement this, in the sense that it plays off (exploits? manipulates?) the natural cauldron of emotions that accompanies fatherhood. Maybe that should be next week's installment of One Track Mind.

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