Friday, December 12

One Track Mind: I Lived on the Moon

Last time, I posted a video that, if briefly, portrayed a father-son relationship touched by fantastical tragedy. Here's another song/video in that series, via a long-ago post from metafilter.

Track Title: I Lived on the Moon
Artist: Kwoon
Album: Tales and Dreams

A high-quality download of the incredible video is here. It's by the animator Yannick.

Watch, listen, react.


Fraxas said...

Somehow not as horrifying as the Ween one - probably because the child escaped, and the antagonists weren't parasites.

Pharaohmagnetic said...

Quite right. I let my three-year-old watch this video; he loves it. (Particularly the flying Manta Ray and the three-tailed monkeys.) I think the Ween video would traumatize him.