Tuesday, August 9

Why I hate "Why I hate 'Why I hate x' articles" articles.

Short answer: recursive metacommentary is only funny if you're a tremendous language nerd (computer language or natural language, take your pick).

I was originally going to write a post here about the 500-comment slashdot discussion on the apache-only news article Why I Hate the Apache Web Server, but then I realized that it'd be funnier to start off with another level of recursion.


So the actual rant here today is on the topic of that article! yay! The entire first page of the discussion thread for newspost, which is essentially just a link to a 19-slide PDFized presentation, is various sysadminnish Linux zealots complaining about the file being in PDF. There was no commentary at all that I could see on the content of the article itself (which, frankly, should have been 'why I hate Apache's configuration system', since that's all it talked about). Just a howling, degenerate mess of "re:re:re:re:re:re: I hate PDFS (lol)", describing the various 6-user, 3-years-abandoned, incredibly clunky, PDF viewers that My Favourite Distro ships with. Or worse, their configuration systems. The Signal-to-Noise ratio in that discussion is within epsilon of zero.

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