Wednesday, August 10

Spellcheckers won't always work

This is directly quoted from the abstract to talk number 5929-12 from the SPIE Optics and Photonics Conference, San Diego 2005.
The United States Department of Energy has concluded that hydrogen storage is a cornerstone technology for implementing a hydrogen energy economy. However, significant scientific advancement is still required if a viable on-board storage technology is to be developed. For example, an adsorption process for on-board vehicular storage will require a hydrogen binding energy between ~20-60 kJ/mol to allow for near-room temperature operation at reasonable pressures. Typically, non-dissociative physisorption due purely to van der Waals forces involves a binding energy of only ~ 4 kJ/mol, whereas a chemical bond is ~ 400 kJ/mol. The desired binding energy range for vehicular hydrogen storage therefore dictates that molecular H2 be stabilized in an unusual manor.

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