Sunday, July 24

Peter Watts writes interesting books.

Boingboing linked to Peter Watts' website today, pointing out that he's released his first two novels (in addition to a number of short stories) for free, under a Creative Commons license. That means there are two free science fiction novels out there for the reading! yay!

I'd read the first 60 pages of Starfish in Indigo about 3 months ago, and liked it enough to write the name down on a scrap of paper in my wallet and keep it there until it was illegible. So I'm quite happy to have been reminded of Mr. Watts, especially since it turns out he's Canadian *and* he releases his backcatalogue for free. The book itself is interesting and very, very dark; both literally -- it takes place mostly at the bottom of the ocean, and figuratively -- its main themes are childhood sexual abuse, power rationing, and the advent of vaguely-human AI.

Go read it; it's fun.

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