Thursday, July 21

One Year

A year ago today, I created a blog on blogspot and invited a close friend to contribute to it with me. Honestly, I didn't expect it to last anywhere near a year. I expected it to be a rarely-updated morass of random thoughts and pointless drivel--wait, what? it is? hunh. I guess it's pretty average, then. That's pretty much a fundamental point of my philosophy, though: the principle of mediocrity. There are 6 billion humans alive right now, 35 million of which live in the same country as me, 2 million in the same city, 50 thousand in this profession in this city, probably 10 thousand of those in the same basic life situation, and probably half of those have blogs. So the chances of me having said anything fundamentally unique is low.

Didn't stop me and The Pharaoh from making 141 posts over the past year, though. I guess we have more to say than we thought we did.

I blame the internet.

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