Monday, March 21

Confidence is an Asparagus Goat Cheese Tart.

On Saturday, I went grocery shopping to the local market and got, among other things, the ingredients for a Goat Cheese Tart. Now, one of the places I sometimes get lunch makes a goat cheese tart that's phenomenally good, and since the format of the restaurant is "we're not a restaurant we're a cooking school", sometimes you get to eat lunch while you watch someone put together the next guy's serving of what you're eating.

And the goat cheese tart didn't actually seem all that hard to make. So what the heck -- why not try to make one? The abovelinked recipe didn't seem impossible, and hey I'd just watched a consummate professional put one together like it wasn't no thang, so let's give it a whirl.

And it worked! Instructions were followed, a tart was baked, and some of it was eaten. It was different from the restaurant one, but not worse by any stretch. A few things I'll do differently next time, but once again nothing was bad about this tart.

And now I have another set of dishes -- savoury tarts -- in my repertoire.

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