Thursday, October 28


Earlier today, Fraxas and I were discussing a particular song and its inconsistent meter.

Pharaohmagnetic: Hmm. I see what you're saying. The dandy warhols have an interesting song called Plan A which has verses that are too long - the extra syllable adds an interesting off-beat effect
Fraxas: yeah, but this is a case of metric inconsistency that jars the whole song for me
Pharaohmagnetic: Well, sometimes a "jar" is what makes a song interesting to listen to: to wit, all those oddly-metered compositions by dave brubeck, the M:I theme, etc. But this is an example where the "jar" is just jar.
Faxas: yeah, but that's not a jar
Pharaohmagnetic: What is it then?
Pharaohmagnetic: A door?
Pharaohmagnetic: HAW


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