Friday, October 1

Cringely on the future of information services

Holy Shit.

Can I call this guy up and get service from him? This is the kind of innovation that makes me excited to be in the field I'm in. This feels like The Future to me. Fast, ubiquitous network access that Just Works. Of course, it doesn't do games, and it probably doesn't like Bittorrent, but I can see the future in there. Cringely talks about disintermediation, and I see his point. There's still problems in there -- the oligopoly of high-production-value content producers, for example -- but like I said above, there's solutions to that coming too.

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JeremyHussell said...

As for content producers, maybe amateurs will take over there, too. Consider Red vs. Blue, A Great and Majestic Empire, or the guys who made their own 3 minute movie using a hand-held camera and computer graphics. With a little technology, high quality doesn't require high production costs.