Tuesday, September 28

Vanity googling

Pharaoh and I were talking just now, trying to come up with a new nickname for Atlas (since he doesn't want me to say his real name on the web!!11!11!!) and he suggested that I google my nickname. Holy crap! I'm the only person with the nickname Fraxas in the whole goddamn web!

Either I've had my one moment of true originality in life, or I've chosen a nickname so stupid nobody else wants it. WHICH COULD IT BE

1 comment:

Pharaohmagnetic said...

Look man. You're in better shape than me. Fraxas gets 4 pages of google hits. Pharaohmagnetic? One single Armagetron high score. I didn't even play a game - I logged onto someone's server for some high speed tronic motorcycle action and promptly quit because of lag. I'm famous!