Wednesday, September 22

Mists of Avalon

No, not those mists of avalon. The Avalon of which I blog is the club in Boston, right across from Fenway Park. The Mist in question is that which spewed forth from the manic lips of Tragically Hip front-man, Gord Downie. That's right, I just got back from a zip-cracking awesome show. First the setlist. Then I'll tell you what I thought.

It Can't Be Nashville Every Night
Grace, Too
Are You Ready
Twist My Arm
You Are Everywhere
Summer's Killing Us
Goodnight Josephine
Lake Fever
100th Meridian
Escape Is At Hand (For The Travelling Man)
Mean Streak
New Orleans Is Sinking
Gus, The Polar Bear from Central Park
My Music @ Work

1st Encore:
Vaccination Scar
Ahead By A Century
Something On

2nd Encore:
Heaven Is A Better Place Today
Little Bones

Our illustrious editor-in-chief has already talked about the new album material. This performance quashed any doubt that it would be amazing live. But besides that - they played 100th Meridian. And New Orleans is Sinking. The crowd was so electric, there was not a single proton in the house. I am now officially spoiled - a stadium will never do it for me anymore. I relived all the greatest hip-memories of my coming-of-age. Every album was represented. The show, in short, was incredible.

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