Tuesday, August 3

Parental visits; foodsnobbery

LJ-style post, this time (mood: Ornery!).

My parents visted over the past long weekend; we had a great time doing pretty much the standard weekend stuff. Shopping, eating, talking. And they said they had a great time! It was really very nice to see them, and to receive the compliments on our hospitality and our food.

We saw the AGO's Turner/Whistler/Monet exhibition (google it) on Saturday, and it was really neat to learn something about Monet's influences as well as just seeing his paintings. Got a chance to see a couple I hadn't seen before, as well; a triptych-ish suite of 6'x6' oils depicting a view up the Seine near Giverny. Each painting was of the same riverscape, but at different times of day; it was actually quite informative as to Monet's mind's eye to see them beside each other like that. Also, the subject matter was interesting; views of what the Thames was like in and around London in the mid-19th century. I had no idea so much shipping was done by river-barges with one square sail and two dudes with poles.

On the subject of the food itself, we had a butterflied leg of lamb in a honey/balsamic/rosemary marinade on Saturday, and burgers on Sunday. Both from Cumbrae's Fine Meats, which really is my favourite butcher ever. Lots of compliments on the food, even though we didn't actually *do* all that much -- we've chosen lately to spend our money on good ingredients and then not do much to them, rather than trying to do complicated things with grocery-store rubbermeat.

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