Thursday, August 26

I like Cake

The new Cake album, Pressure Chief, is coming out October 5th, and the band has some preview clips here. Here are my impressions of what is shaping up to be a fantastic album-to-be.

1. Wheels - I heard this song in its entirety at the Orpheum in Boston. It's right up there with Cake's all-time-greats. Hooky, earthy, catchy, breezey, sneezey, wheezey, teasey. Easy Peasy. Queasey. Cheesey.

2. No Phone - This song has a nice greasy groove that easily solidifies that unmistakeable Cake sound.

3. Take it All Away - More wry, deprecating heartache from Jon McCrea. Nothing is more wry than a good cake song. You want wryness? This is the song for you. The guitar melody under the chorus sounds a lot like a down-tempo variation of the riff on No Phone. That's okay, though, because it's awesome.

4. Dime - "Well you ask me how I made it through, and how my mint condition could belong to you. When I'm on the ground, I roll through towns, I'm a president you don't remember getting kicked around. I'm a dime, I'm fine, and I shine, I'm freshly minted. I am determined not be dented by a barb wire plane (?) or anything not yet invented." I can't wait to hear the album cut of this so I can figure out what the heck he's singing.

5. Carbon Monoxide - A wacky, bouncy rhythm puts this song squarely in Weird Al Yankovic Original Song territory. Speaking of Weird Al's original songs, have you ever heard "The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota?" It seriously is the 9th Symphony of our generation.

That's it for now. New songs go up every Tuesday.

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