Wednesday, November 23

Hipeponymous: a Canoe metareview

The Tragically Hip have released their first ever Greatest Hits collection, titled Hipeponymous. I haven't seen/heard the 2CD, 2DVD monster set yet; I have, however, read Canoe's review. I'm mostly happy with it, with a few minor exceptions: The review text feels lukewarm to me, which is a bit at odds with the 4/5 star rating, and I disagree with the author's desire for a more intrusive look into the musicians themselves rather than the band itself. One of the reasons I like the Tragically Hip is that the personalities behind the band are so self-effacing; the band is about the band, not about its members.

The review was certainly effective in making me want the album; looking at the track listings and the descriptions of the DVDs, I've already made plans with my partner-in-crime Pharaohmagnetic to (as he so poetically put it) "drink deep from the spirit of the Hip and the spirit of the Scots loch. You know. Rock and booze. MANLY!"

I'd give this review a 3/5: the presentation is solid and it hits all the major points, but that sparkle of wit that makes a good review great just isn't there.

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