Monday, October 10


Puns. Some people love 'em. Some people hate 'em.

Me? I love metapuns. That is, puns involving the word pun. Here are a few to try at parties. If the topic of puns comes up, I usually rattle these off one after another until even the most hardened pun-hater is won over.

  • Get thee to a PUNnery!
  • This is cruel and unusual PUNishment.
  • I should be locked in a PUNitentiary!
  • Hot cross PUNS!
  • I have a feeling I'm about to get PUNched!
  • Uh oh - PUN away! PUN away!
If people complain, simply inform them that these aren't puns - they're metapuns. Because that way, you can cap off with,
  • I never metapun I didn't like!

That was a metametapun.

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