Friday, June 10

Carbonated Beverages I Have Tasted

I was at a wedding this weekend, and there were carbonated mixers for the various alcohols at the reception. Being the good wedding-partyer I am, I partook -- Rye and Ginger's my mixed drink of choice. (I prefer Scotch neat, but only with expensive Scotch.)

Holy mother of god on a crutch, that stuff is sweet!

It's been more than a year since I stopped drinking pop (not an atkins diet, more of an organic thing), and I've lost a lot of weight doing it which is excellent motivation. Now, trying a pop I'd guzzle like it wun't no thang back in the day, I almost spat it out it was so sweet.

I have also tasted Coca-Cola, Pepsi, tonic water (schweppes brand please, not that nastyass house brand stuff), Fanta, Brio, Red Bull, ginger ale, ginger beer, champagne, prosecco, ale, lager, stout and soda water.

Scotch has them all beat.

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