Tuesday, January 11

Impromptu Dactlyic Quadrameter

Fraxas had me enter a contest yesterday. You can look here to find out about it, but the gist is this: write an amusing e-mail, win a copy of the game City of Heroes. Here's my entry.

I present:

A body of text that is built to amuse
Sufficiently so, so that it you will choose.
If this is a contest that Pharaoh does lose
He'll go deeply insane and devour his shoes.

He'll make the world weep to the sound of his blues
He'll punch his own face in, and then punch the bruise
He'll cry like a baby that's scared when it poos
He'll chop up his corpse and then bury the clues.

If the judge of this contest won't pay him his dues
He'll eat his own barf til his own stomach sues
And if you still think that these threats are a ruse?
A dynamite enema! He'll light the fuse.

Pharaoh Magnetic

This is a contest I think I should win.
It's a world I could really immerse myself in.
A comic book hero, I am in my dreams
But in my real life? Not a chance, so it seems.
All that could change though, if I win the prize:
A chance to scourge evil with some of you guys.

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