Wednesday, November 24

The best album title of all time

... That honour would have to belong to Trouser Jazz, by Mr. Scruff. On that album, there appears a good song called "Vibrate" with guest vocals by British hip-hop artist Braintax. Here are the lyrics as far as I can tell.


Yeah, you can call me that
As I walk with the Luddites and me trusty axe
I'm a whole lot removed from the Domini Pax,
The pacts with the church, and the new poll tax.
I haven't got the pox, I've turned twenty-eight
My mate's thirty-one but he's dying from the plague
Life's a bitch right now and I can still hear the hills
Watch my carbon vibrate mate

And I'm way down the mine in another lifetime
But I don't how this canary keeps chirping
And my lungs are tight
When you've got to keep working, What's the point in life?
There's a hundred miners here in the union
March through the manor while the owner takes communion
I'm going in to get my wage for last year
Plus a big bag of food ,one of them big chandeliers
I affect the state and affect the earth
And pass my spirit on again
Until it's triggered by a birth
I resonate, you resonate, I say echo, you vibrate

I'm in this for a better life, staying clever
Got the soldiers on the hop, slept in the oak tree
Raided a crop
They probably think I'm Catholic because of my name
I caught the King's deer,
They were giving me fame
And they heard about my antics up at the castle
When I didn't pay my taxes
Down came the hassle
They burnt my village and my family at the stake
I felt the whole ground shake
'Cause spirits resonate
They want my pagan head
Turn the hunters in my band and that's as good as it gets
We affect, you affect,
Everybody move your molecules
From your nails to your follicules

It's 1856
I'm at the workhouse with my bundle of sticks
These people think I'm nuts but they won't complain
When their lives get better cause of my campaign
Sabotage man with the Guy Fawkes precedent
Burn the city hall - smoke out the residents
Make a mark in my town and adjust my standard of living
Till my pitchfork rusts
Change the chain, unchain all hands
Latter-day Scargill, I'll affect this land
I come in peace, from a small piece of dark
And I'm going back soon
So for now I'll make marks

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