Thursday, July 22

The Funny is taken: preemptive emulation and potty-mouthed hands.

I thought I was being marginally amusing when I referenced the subject of yesterday's post, i.e., hip-hop, as "Hip. Also, Hop." One trip to Google has revealed that my comedic innovations have been preemptively emulated by that inimitable laughter-factory, the Chicago Sun-Times.
NBC's coverage will be far out and groovy, man

January 30, 2002


Here's a message from NBC to everyone who will be watching the Winter Olympics on television: Hip. Also, hop.

Great. I'm a hack. For more hackery, please proceed to my own blog, Pharaohmagnetic Spin. It would seem that I am wresting Shiny Things Distract Us from the potty-mouthed hands of its founder, the one-and-only Fraxas. Hackery for Everyone! Now, only he can rescue this blog.

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